High Performing Teams – What If….

High Performing Teams

3rd April, 2014

One distinguishing difference between High Performing Teams and average teams is how they invest one of their most valuable resources, time. High Performing Teams focus a lot of their time and attention on "how" they will operate whereas average teams focus solely on "what" needs to be done.

Here is my call to action for you and your team.  Take some time out of looking at the ‘what’ and reflect on the questions below asking yourself ‘What if….”

  • We listened more
  • We combined advocacy and enquiry
  • We assumed positive intent
  • We checked and tested our assumptions
  • We entertained new ideas different to our own
  • We played the devils advocate
  • We said everything that needs to be said
  • We discussed un-discussable issues
  • We considered a different perspective
  • We dreamed big dreams
  • We set big, bold and scary goals
  • We stood in our coworkers shoes, just for a moment
  • We spent time outside of our comfort zones
  • We continually challenged ourselves to be better, to improve, to be the best we can be
  • We made an effort to really get to know each other
  • We made an effort to make others feel valued
  • We encouraged new points of view
  • We celebrated success more often
  • We changed our surroundings from time to time
  • We made an effort to get to know people we think we dislike
  • We considered team results as impressive as our own
  • We encouraged risk taking and innovation
  • We took a solutions focus
  • We were not afraid to fail
  • We kept an open mind
  • We said what we really mean
  • We asked for what we really needed
  • We all respected one another
  • We built an environment of trust and collaboration
  • We shared all relevant information with our colleagues
  • We held ourselves and others to account
  • We spoke more and emailed less
  • We picked up the phone
  • We ate lunch together
  • We made work fun and laughed more


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