3 ways that leaders lose their customers’ trust

Culture Change

5th November, 2018

We all know that frontline ​people are crucial in creating ​customer experiences. What many leaders don't appreciate is the impact and influence that they have on the degree that their customers trust their organisations.

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Three ways that a brilliant jerk will ruin your team

Culture Change

One of the biggest dilemmas your are likely to face in your leadership career comes when your faced with the disruptive – and often destructive – behaviour of a brilliant jerk. Do you fuel their ego? Do you hold onto them for as long as they produce outstanding results, hoping that the rest of the team accept that their knowledge and experience make the pain worthwhile? Or do you create the opportunity for them to leave your team as soon as possible?

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A talent management culture, who owns it?


What is talent management culture? HR Professor and prominent talent thought leader, Dave Ulrich, has some great thought leadership on the question. “Organisations require the ability of talented individuals to work collectively to deliver value. […]

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