Customers at the heart = talent at the heart

Culture Change

1st October, 2018

The customer experience is all about your people and great people can only come from a great talent strategy.

I’ve recently had a discussion around the link to talent management and customer strategy with the CEO in charge of a business with over £12 billion annual revenue. It was an amazing insight into how talent management should be a key part in driving any business's customer experience strategy going forward.

This week I’ve been working with a wonderfully talented group of leaders developing leadership behaviours around championing the customer. We’ve been making the distinction between customer service and customer experience and what it means to truly influence that all-important experience.

During our lunch break I was informed (passed a note) that the newly appointed CEO would like to pop in for five minutes, during the afternoon session, to say hello and have a look at what we’re up to as part of his introduction to the business.

What followed was an amazing 45 minutes of discussion and debate. I’ve summarised my personal take and reflection on the conversation as follows;

People deliver the experience, not a strategy on a piece of paper

The experience should never be solely based on how wonderful your website looks or how clean your toilets are. These are all essential to the high customer service standards you set. The customer experience is all about your people, and great people can only come from a great talent strategy.

Here’s a question to ask yourself: Does the customer feature in your talent strategy?

Get the right people to start with

By recruiting talented people with the right values, of providing an amazing experience and you’re half way there even before they even join the business. People who empathise with the customer journey and have a personal experience of your end product will be far more effective in delivering the right experience. You can spend millions on your branding but if it fails to deliver its experience promise you just end up with a very expensive logo and no revenue to pay for it.

Here’s another question to ask yourself: Does the customer feature in your recruitment strategy?

The customer has to be at the heart of any decision process

Our talent management strategies need to support the customer experience. If they don’t, then we need to re-work them until they do.

And finally: Have you considered the customer in your last talent management decision?

If you’ve answered no to any of the questions above and for more details on my new Talent Diagnostic offering and how I can help transform your Talent Strategy please email me

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