How To Make Hard Change Easy

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5th March, 2018

We have noticed a real spike in conversations about change recently. So many of our clients are going through, or are about to embark on, large change projects. Whatever their sector and wherever they are on their journey, they all say the same thing. Change is hard! Over the years we have written lots of articles on how to make hard change easy. This gave me the idea of bringing a selection of these articles together in one place. I hope they bring greater clarity and insights to ease the burden in your own endeavours of leading change in your organisation.

Planning for long-term change

The mechanics of change means your culture must support any and every organisational change you want to create.

Avoid killing your culture by asking these 3 questions

Does Your Culture Support Your Strategy?


The early phase of change

What you do and communicate in the early days as you lead change is critical in gaining momentum and influencing ‘the masses’ to join your early adopters.

Short-term Wins and All That Rubbish

The Finger Clicking Phase of Change


Our Natural Resistance to Change

Part of our natural design as a human being is to change and evolve as the environment around us changes.  If we stop still in this ever-changing world we are, in effect, going backwards and will surely be left behind.  Yet we also naturally resist change.  We have paradoxical needs for both security and sameness.  Here are some ways to handle our natural resistance to change.

Our natural resistance to change and beansprouts

The natural resistance of those who care


Using a Profiling Tool for Change

Understanding and appealing to the variety of thinking and behavioural preferences we all have, can significantly influence how to approach change in an important team.  When it comes to organisational change, appealing to every preference becomes critical.  Here is an article from INC.COM highlighting one of the profiling tools our team is accredited to deliver.

How to lead your company through change


Do you lead change?

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