Leadership Principle 19


23rd February, 2018

"Make it a strategic imperative that you (and if you are senior enough, the rest of your management team) must be in reasonable physical condition. Even the most incredible business leaders are useless when they are ill or dead." (Number 19 of the TwentyOne Principles of Leadership)

This is a principle I feel so strongly about that I’m going to offer three people who read this article a nutritional consultancy programme on me.

We live in a world where time feels like a precious commodity. Most of you are being asked to do more with less, to juggle work and family life and to stay healthy while doing so.

It isn’t easy but the reality is that your modelling the way as a leader means that you must maintain a level of energy and well-being that allows you to leave others with more energy.

Anyone who has been part of our leadership programmes over the years will already be well ‘tooled up’ to do this. My conversations with my nutritionist over the past few months have opened my eyes even wider to the importance of food in the maintenance, and consistency, of energy as well as how easy it can be to eat well no matter how busy life is.

For those of you whose fueling habits aren’t quite where they should be here are three questions to consider:

1) How long do you spend browsing social media a day? Could you use this time to help you eat good food that you love?

2) If your nutrition helped you feel even more energetic, would that help you to lead better?

3) How important is your well-being outside of work?

I trust the answers to these are obvious but they are important because of principle 19. No matter how good a leader you are, you can’t lead from your sick bed. Leadership requires energy and well-being. One of my missions for this year is to bring more of these things to the leaders I work with.

Now on to my offer. If you have read this far you are just two words away from being in with a chance of having your own personal nutrition programme courtesy of TwentyOne Leadership and Your FoodCoach. All you have to do is type ‘Yes Please’ in the comments (if you’re reading this via social media) or email richard@twentyoneleadership.com with ‘Yes Please’ in the subject field. We’ll select three people at random one week after the article is published and let you know if you have been successful. Good luck!

To find out more about the Your FoodCoach Executive Nutrition Programme, watch this interview with Sam Thompson.





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