Narrative Pathways 2 – How strategy, culture and brand interact


15th October, 2018

This is the second of my videos that outline the vital link between strategy, culture and brand. This video focuses on the ideal elements of a cultural narrative and how it influences your brand and customer experience. The third video, focusing on culture change and the service -v- experience distinction, will be published next week.

If you haven’t watched the first video yet then you can watch it here.

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Three ways that a brilliant jerk will ruin your team

Culture Change

One of the biggest dilemmas your are likely to face in your leadership career comes when your faced with the disruptive – and often destructive – behaviour of a brilliant jerk. Do you fuel their ego? Do you hold onto them for as long as they produce outstanding results, hoping that the rest of the team accept that their knowledge and experience make the pain worthwhile? Or do you create the opportunity for them to leave your team as soon as possible?

Three ways that a brilliant jerk will ruin your teamMORE

A talent management culture, who owns it?


What is talent management culture? HR Professor and prominent talent thought leader, Dave Ulrich, has some great thought leadership on the question. ÔÇťOrganisations require the ability of talented individuals to work collectively to deliver value. […]

A talent management culture, who owns it?MORE