JF Renshaw


JF Renshaw is a leading global supplier of cake decoration and baking products. They believed putting their employees at the centre of everything they did would lead to a culture of engagement and high performance. They asked us to help them bring this to life.


We began this work with a series of workshops for the senior leadership team, which included:

  • How to be more authentic and inspiring leaders
  • What it takes to be a high-performing team then building personal and shared commitments
  • How to make their company values mean something to their people
  • Obtaining quality feedback on their impact using Kouzes and Posner’s LPI system

After testing the impact back in the workplace, workshops were launched across the management team.  We added a new performance coaching module and included work-based projects to support how their learning was embedded into the culture of the business.  They introduced new initiatives for employee recognition and a mentoring scheme which was available to every employee.

As well as showing tangible business improvement, JF Renshaw went on to win a national industry award for this programme.

JF Renshaw
Image Credit: JF Renshaw