Tesco Underwriting


Tesco Underwriting is a partnership between Ageas (UK) and Tesco Bank.  Their primary focus is to underwrite Tesco Bank branded car and home insurance policies, and provide a claims service to their customers.

They asked TwentyOne Leadership to support their employee engagement strategy by creating a development framework for their employees, managers and leaders.


We helped employees gain greater clarity, confidence and commitment so they can take control of their own personal development and future career planning.  We worked with teams of managers and leaders so they had meaningful career planning conversations with their people that balanced current performance with future aspirations. Crucially managers and leaders who were dedicated to developing their people, were able to spend time investing time to plan for themselves. By modelling the way themselves and sharing their own success stories, it provided a huge influence for their team members to do the same.

Tesco Underwriting

Image Credit: Tesco Underwriting