The Consultancy Academy Event Schedule

Welcome Packs

7th August, 2018

The Consultancy Academy  Outcomes:

By applying the learning from this programme you will:

  • Build a consultancy business that provides a level of income beyond that which you thought was possible
  • Create a business that you love and that supports the lifestyle that you want
  • Generate an increased income beyond that which you invested to take part in the programme
  • Create a specialist consultancy with a clear strategy and congruent culture and distinct and aligned brand
  • Draw on genuine (new) expertise to deliver a range of  programmes and projects for clients that add value and build your reputation
  • Gain recognition as a thought leader in your specialist field
  • Design, deliver and measure moreeffectively and in less time
  • Create your own IP that generates value for you and your clients

The Workshops

Orientation day – 1 day (Jan)

Consultancy Cornerstones – 2 days (Feb)

Realising the Impossible – 2 days (Feb)

Brain Friendly Learning – 3 days (March)

Change and Culture Change – 2 days (April)

Presence, Confidence and Impact – 2 days (May)

7 Methods to Market – 1 day (June)

Becoming a Thought Leader – 2 days (June)

Proposals and Pitching – 2 days (July)

The PL:US System – 1 day (September)

Realing the Impossible II – 2 days (September – Optional)

Coaching Deepdive – 2 Days (October)

Getting Published and the Dark Art of Social Media – 2 days (November)

Graduation and Celebration – 2 days (December)

The Programme Also Includes:

  • 7 specifically created live learning projects
  • A specially selected reading list of over 20 books
  • Bespoke video content created for and by the group
  • Ongoing group and individual coaching
  • Access to the TwentyOne Leadership team and support community for specific issues and challenges
  • A specially designed graduation event to ensure the whole journey is generative

The workshops will mainly be hosted in a specially selected venue near Newcastle with some around the UK dependent on the geography of the participant group.


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