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25th October, 2018

I am delighted to be working with you on the 5th and 6th of December. The focus of the event is authentic leadership but we will explore much more of the latest and best in the field.

Our events are always designed to be fast paced, practical and enjoyable. The design of the workshop is underpinned by the latest in neuroscience, brain friendly learning and personal development.

The tools and philosophies that we will be exploring have been shared with some of the biggest and most successful organisations across the world including the likes of Samsung Electronics, Merlin Entertainments and Equifax. We’ve worked with educational institutions and in professional sport, in particular at the top level of English football.

While the context might be different, the core characteristics that lead our people to see us as an authentic, inspiring and transformational leader are the same.

I look forward to exploring these principles with you and helping you to apply them in your organisations.

To help you get the most from the event, please read this welcome pack. It contains some pre-workshop activities.

RANEPA AL Welcome Pack

To help you get more of a feel for my approach and what to expect I recorded this short video.

I look forward to working with you in December.


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